About me

FRANCESCO AGRESTI (photographed by Rosario Rizzo)

is an Italian photographer. Born and raised in Eboli (SA), currently lives here.
Francesco’s style is modern and distinctive with a timeless, classical edge.
FRANCESCO specializes in portrait, documentary, reportage and wedding photography.

Passionate about art since childhood and with a special sensibility to artistic expression, Francesco rediscovers in photography the ideal form to express himself, after passing through plastic and pictorial experiments.

Always open to the new projects and experimentations and with a particular propensity to tell stories of ordinary people, he continues on his way hoping that someone, someday, can “really” appreciate his efforts.


:::· EXHIBITIONs ·:::

· 2014 ·
3-9 Marzo
“Chiamarlo amore (non) si può” · PAN | Palazzo delle Esposizioni di Napoli